This is the first post using the Ghost blogging platform. Previously I was using Tinkerer, but it seems static blog generators are not for me, since it is a hassle to write new posts. Or maybe I just like to switch it up every year...

The site is now using SSL using a LetsEncrypt certificate. After some research the site now has an A rating for SSL Labs, which is cool.

An unfortunate side effect is that initial requests are ~70ms slower than before. This is in addition to the time used by Node.js to process the request. The previous setup was lightning fast, using nginx, static files and no SSL.

Chrome's devtools show how much time the initial request takes when loading the front page. The full page load event fires after ~700ms, which is alright.

Update 2016-06-03: HTTP/2 is now enabled too. It turns out Ubuntu 14.04's version of OpenSSL does not support ALPN, but only its deprecated cousin NPN. This makes HTTP/2 fail in Chrome even if HTTP/2 is enabled in nginx. Upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 solved the issue. This should in theory decrease loading times a tiny bit since more requests can be done in parallel, but the effect is tiny for this blog.