A friend of mine had forgotten the code for his combination lock, so
naturally, we had to give it a go.

A Master 1534D lock
A Master 1534D lock

A few minutes later, the lock was open, and we were in disbelief over
how easy it was. It turns out that there are red marks under the
correct digits, which can be seen trough the dials
. Push the dials
from each other, try to see between them, align the red marks on the
same side as the Master logo, and up it goes.

The lock, with the plastic dials removed, and the metal dials in the correct position.

The first red mark is not very visible in this picture, but is under 1.

The second red mark can be seen under 3.

The third red mark can be seen under 3.

The last red mark can be seen under 7.

And up it goes!

If you have this lock, I suggest removing the red paint, or painting all
of them the same color.

This should also work for the 1534D with words.